Kettlebell Membership

How to join and prices

Regular weekly kettlebell sessions:

TNT Academy offers an unbeatable unlimited weekly training opportunity:

Package Training/Month Monthly D.D.
Ignition unlimited £0
Sparkle unlimited £0


Private tuition:

Please note the prices shown are per person and in addition of the cost of the venue hire (if required).

Basic package

Private tuition (60 mins) 1-2-1 1-2-2 1-2-max 10 persons
Reading + max. 30 mile radius £30pp £25pp £20pp


Book your Kettlebell induction today

Once you try kettlebell training you will cancel your gym membership. I’ve been doing kettlebell exercises for a year now and you just can’t achieve results like mine in the gym. Of course gyms will never tell you that but try it and you won’t regret it.