Saario Academy

The mastermind behind us

Saario Academy

logo_saarioacademySaario Academy is the result of over 40 years of martial arts experience. In 2017 Jyrki and his highest level students established the organisation due to the increasing demand for simple, effective and “tested in real life” self defence systems in order to provide the best tuition in the most professional way that`s fact based and backed by science. Saario Academy offers the following disciplines:

  • Classic Krav Maga Network (the only no-nonsense Krav Maga available on the market that Imi was teaching)
  • Defendo Alliance (civilian)
  • Defendo Blue (law-enforcement)
  • Defendo Green (military)
  • Safe Kids
  • Safe Teens
  • Safe Women
  • Safe Old Boys
  • Ironman Kickboxing
  • Ironman Grappling


Jyrki Saario – Head Instructor

Jjyrki-saario-profil1yrki`s grandfather, Paavo Saario, showed Jyrki a self defence move when he wasn`t even in elementary school. Then Jyrki`s father bought a pair of boxing gloves for him and his brother. That`s where the love for fighting began. At the age of 12 Jyrki found a book called “Karate” in a bookstore. He started to practice the techniques with his brother and friends. At the age of 15 Jyrki joined a club led by Hanno Hellaminen.

jyrki and imi_1For 30 years Jyrki lived abroad to learn new styles and also to instruct them. He received an instructor certificate in many disciplines (Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, just to mention a few). He`s been teaching security personnel and civilians all around the globe. He was at the founding of the Swedish Kickboxing Federation in the early 1980-s and was also a board member of the Swedish Thai Boxing Association for many years. He spent several¬†years as a member of the Swedish Kickboxing Graduation Committee, the body that grants black belts in Sweden. Jyrki has been teaching Muay Thai Boxing and Kickboxing instructors since 1983 and he holds 5th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, awarded by WAKO, the biggest kickboxing organisation in the world. In 1996 he and his associates founded the Finnish Krav Maga Association and Jyrki became the head of the newly formed organisation. Jyrki received his Krav Maga Black Belt from Imi himself. He also introduced Kapap (another Israeli self defence system) and Shootfighting (an MMA like system) to Scandinavia. In 2005 he founded Scandinavian Defendo. He`s also a Level 4 boxing coach in Sweden (the highest level in the Swedish Boxing Instructing system). He’s been teaching Krav Maga instructors since 1996 and Defendo instructors since 2005.

jyrki-dan-inosanto jyrki-bluming Jyrki in Thailand jyrki and imi_2