Krav Maga Classes

Come and train Krav Maga with TNT Academy

 P5+ level and instructor training

This monthly event is open to Krav Maga students (P5 level and up) and instructors run by Tamas (Expert 2). This 3 hour training is an essential tool in preparation for the next grading. The official International Krav Maga Federation P1 to G5 Level Syllabuses will be covered during these sessions, including (but not limited to) the following techniques and tactics:
• defenses,
• combinations,
• hand gun,
• knife,
• machine gun,
• multiple attackers,
• sparring,
• tactical movements and behaviour,
and more.

Location: Theale Leisure Centre (on the premises of Theale Green School)
Address: Church Street, Theale, RG7 5DA
Date and time: 10.09.2016 between 10:00 – 13:00

IKMF Instructors and students: £20 (on the day payment: £30)
NON IKMF students and instructors: £40 (on the day payment: £50)

The extra £20 training fee for NON IKMF students and instructors is payable to the instructor on the day in cash.

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Make sure you have plenty of water and the following training kits (minimum requirement): boxing gloves, shin guard, groin guard and mouth guard. You can also bring these as optional gears: head guard, forearm guard, elbow and knee guard.

Please book your place through our webshop.