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    TNT Kids Krav       Welcome to our Kids Krav Maga section.

TNT Kids KravThe TNT Kids Krav Maga Syllabus is based on an accumulated knowledge of more than 60 years of teaching over 60000 kids worldwide. The material is focusing on 3 main age groups…

  1. Kiddy Krav: ages 5-7,
  2. Kids Krav: ages 7-10,
  3. Junior Krav: ages 10-13

…and the most relevant main issues, for example:

  • falls,
  • pushes,
  • “stranger danger”,
  • the road as a hazard,
  • grabs (wrist, hair and clothing),
  • bullying, etc.

Kids Krav_nobckgr_kekThese sessions will teach (or raise) the child`s self-esteem, confidence, awareness, to recognise a possibly dangerous situation whether it is by a person or in the environment and of course will provide the necessary technical knowledge to prevent or get out of these in a fun filled playful atmosphere.
Our instructors completed the week long intensive official Kids Instructors Course and are qualified to the highest and strictest standards (set by the only organisation signed by the founder of Krav Maga) as Kids Krav Maga Instructors:

  • Tamas (Expert 2) is a quallified P.E. Teacher and has a lot of in-school teaching experience both from Hungary and the UK on top of (so far) 23+ years spent in Martial Arts of which 13+ years in Krav Maga. Instructor/has been teaching since: February, 2007.

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