Laci es JyrkiWe`re extremely happy to announce that Laszlo Toth (International Instructor Team) agreed to come and visit us in the beginning of December to run the first ever

Intensive Saario Academy Weekend

in the UK. This unique opportunity doesn`t happen very often so make sure you book a place now!

What is the Intensive Saario Academy Weekend?


  • On 4th December 2017 we`ll start with 3 hours of Scandinavian Defendo. Laci will go through the basics of the system (which we think about as our “sister system”) then we`ll look at some higher level problems like defences against knife attack, stick, kicks and punches, etc. You can read about the history of Defendo here. You can find details of this event below. Please note this event is FREE for everyone who has an ACTIVE TNT Academy membership!


  • After the Defendo workshop Laci is going to run a 2 hour long Classic Krav Maga workshop. Classic Krav Maga is Imi`s original Krav Maga. Saario Academy is teaching what Imi used to defend the jewish communities in Bratislava during the early part of WWII and then what he used in the IDF. This is an open workshop where everybody is welcome. Here, the aim is to show you the basics and higher level solutions of our system, to demonstrate the core of Krav Maga, the system that has been written in the official manual of the Israeli defence Forces. The seminar is dedicated to everyone from beginners to high level students and instructors. Simple, easy to learn and effective Please note that this session is available for active TNT Academy members for £10 with their ACTIVE members` 50% discount.
The details of the Defendo session are:
Date: 02.12.2017.
Time: 10:00 – 13:00
Location: Meadway Sports Centre
Address: Conwy Close, Reading, RG30 4BZ
TNT Academy members (with ACTIVE membership): £0
NON TNT Academy members: £30

The details of the Classic Krav Maga session are:
Date: 02.12.2017.
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Beansheaf Community Centre
Address: Charrington Road, Linear Park, RG31 7AW
TNT Academy members (with ACTIVE membership): £10
NON TNT Academy members: £20

Booking is available in the webshop.

The events can be booked separately!