Important Information Regarding Our Classes

Things you need to know before you join TNT Academy

Important Information

– Induction

The inductions take place almost every week at our training locations.

During your induction you’ll participate in the class along with our regular members. It`s good to experience the intensity and duration of the class, while picking up some of the terminology we use, basic stances or defences and meeting some of other friendly club members. You will be under the guidance of the instructor and one of our higher level club members will be looking after you.

The induction is a ‘taster session’ so you are not tied into any contract or required to sign anything  other than the health questionnaire (what will be sent to you in an email). If you do enjoy your taster session and decide to join the club, there will be opportunity to do so at the end of the training.

After booking your induction we’ll contact you by email to confirm your booking and send you a health form to complete to bring with you. We recommend you wear normal gym gear such as “clean” indoor trainers, track bottoms or gym pants for ladies and a dark T-shirt.

It`s likely you`ll to get some sweat on so bring plenty of water and a hand-towel too.

Please note we accept only over 16 years old participants and those under the age of 18 years old must have parental consent.

 – Signing up info:

To sign up for an induction just book a place. Please send us a note of the venue and date you wish to attend then we`ll send you all the details of the induction. The joining fee (normally £45.00) we`ll be reduced to just £30.00* if you sign up to become a member at the end of your induction.

This means your induction fee will be used as a credit towards the joining fee and there are other benefits available on our “Membership” page.

Please read our booking confirmation email carefully and bring all the items mentioned in the email to complete the monthly direct debit form if you want to take advantage of these offers.

If you forget to bring your bank details or sign up after the actual day of your Induction, this may mean that you are required to pay the full joining fee of £45.00.

All Inductions run at the same location every one to two weeks.

 – The Small Print:

Please be aware that due to demand for places once it`s booked we are not able to refund you in the event that you cannot attend your Induction. One alternative venue and date will be offered to complete your session but after this re-booking will be required.
*This offer is not valid during any period when there`s another promotion  is offered on the joining fee or induction fee.

 – Membership

All membership payments are by monthly Direct Debit ONLY from a UK Bank Account only. No cancellation of the Direct Debit is accepted prior to the first payment. All cancellations require 30 days written notice. The free T-shirt and 3 months B.C.A. Student To Student insurance are only offered on the day of the first training, when completing the Direct Debit agreement in full. Memberships completed at a later date will not be entitled to the promotional offers.

– Annual Holiday

There are no classes on Bank Holidays. We take our 2 weeks annual leave during the summer and 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. Exact dates may vary each year and will be posted in the latest news section of our web site and in our newsletter. During the months that these holidays take place, you are entitled to use your membership quota at any TNT Academy classes.

– Membership Cancellation

Please note that in case you need to cancel your membership and stop training with TNT Academy, you are required to give 1 month notice prior to the cancellation of your direct debit.

– Insurance

Our TNT Academy membership includes free insurance cover for 3 month. We strongly recommend you to extend this BCA student to student insurance which covers you in the event of an injury to yourself or causing it to your training partner.

– What to wear during our Krav Maga sessions?

You can wear a T-shirt, comfortable trousers and trainers. Any type of safety-, combat-boots or hiking shoes are not acceptable due to health and safety reasons. (We prefer wrestling boots)

The minimum (which are mandatory) in order to be able to train realistically are groin and shin guards. You may also wish to use a gum shield, forearm protectors and a head guard as the level of training progresses.

– What to wear during our Kettlebell sessions?

Clothing: You can wear a T-shirt, comfortable trousers and trainers.

VERY IMPORTANT: whatever shoes you wear it must have a flat sole. Any type of safety-, combat-boots or hiking shoes, trainers, slippers are not acceptable due to health and safety reasons. (I prefer training either in wrestling boots or barefoot.)

I strongly recommend to look for and take out an insurance which covers you in the event of an injury or accidentally causing one to others.

– What to wear during our Kettlebell sessions?

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