Dacayana Eskrima knife based open workshop

Come and train with a highly respected martial artist Marcie Harding who is the European Director of the system and the highest level student of GM Jun Dacayana (the founder of Dacayana Eskrima) outside of the Philippines.

This is an open workshop where all skills and any styles are welcome.

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Dacayana Eskrima Training Group

Come and try the basics and a bit more of Dacayana Eskrima with Tamas who`s the only Authorised Coach in the south…
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Krav Maga - The art of street fighting and self defence

“…It’s a known fact the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and our organization amplifies it by showing that despite hurling and changes it went through it keeps evolving and being a loyal home to all of us….” Avi Moyal Chairman, IKMF
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TNT Academy the home of I.K.M.F. Krav Maga, Dacayana Eskrima and Russian Kettlebell

TNT Academy provides Krav Maga, Eskrima and Russian Kettlebell tuition on private and regular basis in the Thames Valley (in Reading, Bracknell, Theale, and Oxford). Private sessions are tailored to your personal needs, physical abilities and skills, regular classes are open to anybody who likes to train hard while having fun. Our elite, high level team Tamas (Expert 2, Secretary of IKMF UK) and Naz (Graduate 3) are qualified instructors with a lot of teaching experience.

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The ultimate hard style Kettlebell experience

The SPETSNAZ training is here!

The system of Kettlebell originates in Russia, has about 300 years of history. It`s been reformed and governed by Pavel Tsatsouline who was a P.T. (physical-training) instructor for the elite Soviet spec-ops units: the SpetnazPavel is now a subject matter expert to the US Marine Corps, the US Secret Service and the US Navy SEALs. Training with a kettlebell has been featured in numerous articles and Hollywood blockbusters (Never Back Down, Rocky Balboa).

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20% off of your TNT membership between 1st – 31st May 2017!

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Why choose TNT Academy?

Yes, there are many Krav Maga and Kettlebell classes available in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas but only we have an Expert 2 level Krav Maga instructor.


Expert 2 Level Instructor

Civilian (Expert 2),  Law-Enforcement & Kids Instructor, Dacayana Eskrima Coach, Secretary of IKMF UK, RKC Instructor

4 Training Locations

All included in one price. Train where you want as many times per week as you want. Reading is our most popular location

Friendly Club

Apart from getting fit and strong you will make new friends too. Come and see for yourself our ego free training,

“…I was getting money out at a cash point after a wedding and the group thought they would share may bank balance. Didn`t get any money but got my phone. Didn`t realise the group was as big as it was so got caught out…Sadly I was assaulted by the group of men a short while back and a result have had injuries that have prevented me from training. I am fit again and I`ll be returning to training very soon. I would like to thank yourself (Naz) and Tamas for your tuition so far. Had I not know how to block and defend myself against multiple attackers the outcome could have been much worse for me!…”


Krav Maga membership discount available at TNT Academy*

Student Discount
20% for students
SIA discount
20% for SIA badge holders
police discount
20% for Law-Enforcement personnel
military discount
20% for Military personnel

* – 20% Krav Maga discount is available to students, SIA, law-enforcement officers (police, prison staff, ambulance staff, fire fighters) and army personnel who can present a valid student card, SIA card (any) or warrant. Please note the discounts do not apply to the joining fee.

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Dacayana Eskrima knife based Open Workshop

Come and try learn the knife fighting section of Dacayana Eskrima with Marcie Harding


We are running a special Easter promotion: if you want to try Krav Maga you can try it for free between 1st – 30th April

TNT Academy Kids Krav Grading

We`ll have our first ever Kids Krav Maga grading on 31st July 2016 in Theale. The kids have been training for the event for

Krav Maga | Russian Kettlebell | Kali

TNT Academy would like to invite you to look around our site, come to one of our training sessions and ultimately join our training school.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga

Krav Maga (reality based self defence system) training is available in Reading, Theale, Bracknell and Oxford. Would you like to learn Krav Maga techniques and know how to defend yourself and loved ones?

Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Train Russian Kettlebell with TNT Academy. Explosive power and conditioning as used by the russian special military units the Spetsnaz. For dates and locations please see our RKC page.



Kali training coming soon to a place near you. Fight the rising number of knife attacks and learn weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons. Tactical self defence system as used and tested during World War II.

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IKMF Krav Maga

Bracknell – Theale – Oxford – Reading
(Maidenhead/Slough area is coming soon!)
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